Michael E. Landreth, ALC
Accredited Land Consultant

   I work for Buyers and Sellers of Ranches in all of Colorado, mostly of larger Ranch properties, but also including the full range of Recreational ranches, Hunting ranches, Fishing ranches, Production ranches…

I spend an inordinate amount of time researching the entire Ranch Market in Colorado, and Regionally, for my buyers and sellers. I keep track of all the properties on the market, constantly evaluating for my clients.

I use a proprietary Spreadsheet Analytic, developed over years, to review, sort and value all ranch properties on the market; relative to each other! That combined with my extensive knowledge and experience yields valuable insights for my Clients.

My Speadsheet Analytics are a perfect example of  just one of the tools I’ve created and have used for years for my clients.  I don’t depend on market hype to show us to the value… instead I spread the market out in an excel workbook, comprised of up to 20 separate worksheets, and then demand answers. The spreadsheets, filled with calculating fields and relevant data sorts, are crafted to show specifically, the values of all properties relative to each other, in many different contexts.  

Most brokers talk about the market, their listings, and their experience, but never can really specifically justify some of their conclusions.  I talk about the market too, but in the context of real data in addition to my experience, organized to answer questions and offer insights. Then I’ll show you the data and prove it. I’ll prove the Market Values to you, whether you are a Buyer or Seller.

During and after all that, I am here to help you every step of the way once we get started.  In fact, it’s so very important to be represented by a Specialized Broker at this point, one who knows Ranches and the Ranch Market, because their knowledge of their specific type of Real Estate, and their associated network, is critical to your success. Filling the years with experience, I have not only listed and sold many ranches; but I have also been involved with development projects, conservation projects, zoning and special use permitting processes, and exchanges. 


Botique Ranch Brokerage For Clients;  What I DO

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