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Michael E. Landreth, ALC

Broker / Accredited Land Consultant

Landreth Ranch & Land Co;
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… The Home of Michael Landreth, ALC, Ranch Broker and Accredited Land Consultant. 


   You have more than likely been directed to this site to discover a bit more about me, so that you could possibly utilize my skills and experience as your own asset.  You desire to buy or sell a ranch. Here you will find all the important information about Who I am, What I do, and What it could mean to you regarding that endeavor.  And you will find out why you were referred to this site.

    I am a small Boutique Ranch Brokerage servicing Ranch Buyers and Sellers in all of Colorado, and with extensive network available in other neighboring states as well.  While I now work with Buyers and Sellers, 20 of those years I specialized in Buyers only.  

    The Knowledge, Experience  and Network I’ve accumulated over the Decades serves my Sellers as well as it always has my Buyers.  In fact, I have many times been the Listing Broker and Land Consultant for large Ranch Development Projects, so I am no stranger to either side of the Buy Sell market. In my opinion, the objective whether buying or selling, is always to operate in a world of real value when trying to accomplish your very specific Real Estate and Ranch ownership strategies.


   During my years in the industry, I have crafted tremendous methods for viewing ranchland values across an entire market; in a way that can lead you to your best buying or selling strategies without a doubt. Read further and you will discover more about my Spreadsheet Analytics and their value to you.  With a deep comprehensive understanding of all the subtle and significant nuances of land value within a broad market perspective, I’ll help you put the ranch & land market in order and find your best result.  My experience and huge network will bring you tremendous value, while leveraging your time as well.  Go ahead and give me a call and we'll chat about your objectives!