What I Do

Unlike listing agents who promote their select and limited inventory, all while representing those sellers, too, I’m different:

I cruise the ENTIRE market looking for the BEST VALUE in the specialty niche for my Buyer Clients, REGARDLESS of who has it listed!

I don’t depend on market hype to show me to the value, nor should you…

Here’s how I do it. By exercising a huge ranch-broker network and years of experience, I complete data collection or consolidation from my many established connections and resources in the industry; brokers, industry affiliates, websites, magazines, periodicals, professional journals, regional & national marketing sessions, specific marketing associations, social media sites, and ongoing lists and data I’ve kept for years. Once collected in my own large database, I spread out all the information in an Excel workbook format comprised of numerous worksheets, and demand answers. And I get them.

My spreadsheets and database reports, filled with calculating fields and relevant data sorts, are crafted to show specifically, the values of all properties relative to each other. Which ones are the best for you, and why.

Most brokers talk about the market, their listings and their experience, but never really justify some of their conclusions regarding property value. Note that it’s a little hard to negotiate without market data. Well, I talk about the market, too; the entire market, but in the context of real data, complete data, organized to answer questions. Then I’ll show you the data and prove it. I’ll show you the value. I grade the ranches.

  • I build spreadsheet analytics from my database, for every property I evaluate, and every market I work, comparing each property to its entire market sample. After years in the market, the spreadsheet analytics have proven themselves; So, I can show you just how the value of that particular property stacks up in the market! REALLY. It’s in color, but the result is Black & White.
  • I BLOG about topics in the market as relates to Value. Unafraid to declare Best Values for many property types, I BLOG about them And Tell You Why… You should follow me for that alone! I derive results from my thorough analytic process and show you what I mean.
  • Not only do I Blog about Current Value, I continually update and post my “Best Lists” on the website, so you can follow the changing market. You’ll want to check out the two sections of this site titled “Best Lists” and “Blogs”; your best opportunity to understand real market values and opportunities, and get a taste of how I think.
  • I additionally evaluate property based on its potential value from an enhancement standpoint. I will look at opportunities to improve the economic, ecological, aesthetic, and enjoyment value of your investment through land restoration, building improvements, ranch operations, or any number of other factors.
  • I’ve seen most of the properties I recommend, as well as many of the active comps in the market (the Market Sample). Better yet, once completed, my proprietary statistical and spreadsheet analytics generate much information that stands out whether or not the property has been seen yet. It serves as a very immediate indicator for properties not to be missed.
  • One by-product of my research and cataloging of On-Market properties is that I end up with a really relevant list of Sold properties over time. That just adds greater dimension to my valuation arguments, and allows me to assist you at deriving a very real target price for your intended acquisition. The better for negotiations.
  • And best yet, unlike most brokers and buyer-brokers, I COUNSEL you: on the entire market, on the values of the properties I recommend, on ways you could negotiate and buy for your best advantage, on particular strategies for acquisition & use, on Property enhancements that add real value, and I have many contacts that can help to further your land intentions in the process.