Why Choose Me

You can’t get the whole story from a broker …
Unless, that broker is working for you.

And even then, how big’s their territory?

How big is yours?

With extraordinarily “few exceptions,” brokers represent the sellers of properties they list, and many tend to be local to that listing and know much less about the rest of the market. Every broker is interested in selling their own listings, for their sellers, of course. Makes sense, they are obliged to the sellers, it’s what they do.

YOU are a Ranch Buyer. Your goals are different than theirs.

I am a Ranch Buyer-Broker. With no loyalty to listings.  My goals are different than theirs, too… They are to satisfy Yours!

Your goals are threefold:

  1. To understand the market to better find what you want
  2. To have confidence you’ve seen all you needed to see of the entire market, before you make a buying decision; AND
  3. To be able to negotiate your best price based on real and current data on market VALUE, the BEST VALUE for you, right?

AND, AS A Ranch Buyer-Broker I Represent YOU.  Here’s what that means:

  1. I bring you the entire market with insightful and relevant perspective and context. I’ve studied it. Every property is in play;
  2. I do not represent sellers, at all. I Don’t Do Listings;
  3. I’m the one that created Spreadsheet Analytics for Ranches, the first truly innovative approach to Ranch Market Analysis for Value Determinations that answer all questions for buyers;
  4. I am a Ranch Buyers-Broker working for Ranch Buyers, using these proprietary new analytics designed with buyers in mind; for once.
  5. See the long list of my actual experience and qualifications in my Bio section.

Choose Me to Represent you in your acquisition
because you want to buy a ranch on Purpose,
and you want Knowledgeable, Experienced, Specialized Consulting, Your Own.  Your Own Broker
with a hand and head in the market,
The entire market, for one Goal;
The BEST Value Ranch in the Entire Market,
For YOU.