BEST LIST: The “BEST” Recreational Ranches of Value Zone 2

The “BEST”

Recreational Ranches of Value Zone 2:

Priced $2M – $6M; and >500 acres

Today I’ll be looking at the largest segment of the Ranch Market; the $2,000,000 to $6,000,000 recreational ranches in Value Zone 2 that are greater than 500 acres.

What is Value Zone 2 (VZ-2)?  “It is that lower-priced, in-between country; found between or on the edge of those markets of destination-recreation (the resorts where higher priced real estate is the norm). These are lands where you are paying less for the name than you are the land. It is much of the same kind of land found in VZ-1, but just a bit further out… great buys in this Zone!”  Refer to my “How to use the Best List guide” on this website for further definitions).

This Zone is a great place to start looking for real value.  Reminder: you are looking for the most property features that you want, for the lowest price per acre… We start by examining the entire ranch market.  Let’s drill it down a bit:


  1. There are 159 ranch properties on the market in Colorado;
  2. 85 of those are in VZ-2; representing 53% of the market; That’s the group we will examine, to find the best values of the bunch today;
  3. Of the 85 Ranch properties in VZ-2 the drill down shows there are:
    1. 41 Ranches priced between $2M and $6M; That’s 26% of the total market, and the market segment we want to examine closely;
      1. (In the entire market, all three Value Zones, 68 properties are priced between $2M – $6M)
    2. 33 Ranches in this 41-group are viable recreational ranches, at over 500 acres;
      1. They average: $3,507/ACRE as a group.
    3. And 22 Ranches in this final group are priced BELOW the 33-Ranch Group Average at an Average of $2,406/ACRE!
  4. All 22 Ranches in this final bracket are priced BELOW ALL the Average $/ACRE prices of:
    1. The entire 159 Ranch Market: $5,039/ACRE
    2. The VZ-1 Market: $10,629/ACRE;
    3. The final group of 33: $3,507/ACRE
    4. A great pool of ranches to pick the best values from!
  5. 6 Ranches; the BEST of the BEST: It turns out there are 6 Ranches out of the 22-Group that make this BEST LIST.
    1. The Average $/ACRE of the 6 is: $2,050/ACRE
      1. 60% LOWER than $5,039/ACRE, the average of the entire 159 property market;
      2. AND 15% lower than the Average $/ACRE of the very specific and similar 22-Ranch Group ($2,406)! These are the best of the best.

Once you’ve isolated the property group that shows the greatest value for your parameters, you then compare the final properties side by side to determine which have MORE PLUS features, for the price, than the others… Then you have uncovered the best values.  Here are the 6 best Ranches:

The 6 Best values of the $2-$6M VZ-2 Ranches:

  1. Redwing Upper / Gunnison county/ 2,124 Acres/ $2.9M/   $1,224/ACRE
    • Large Seasonal access Hunting property in Gunnison w Off-Grid Lodge and BLM Boundaries…
  2. North Fork Valley / Delta county/ 4,294Acres/  $5.482M/            $1,277/ACRE
    • 3-sides FED-Boundaries; Yr-round access; Few improvements; Two Creeks for yr-round live water; springs and ponds; three large cabins with domestic water taps, solar power, and generators. Trophy buck hunting and great Elk hunting, via over the counter elk tags. Revenue potential on the ranch includes grazing, hunting, and limited timber production.
  3. Dome Ranch / Saguache/ 1,600Acres/   $2.99M/            $1,681/ACRE
    • Fishing, Water rights, streams & ponds, 300 acres irrigated, new off-grid log home & shop, good cow setup, BLM & USFS Boundaries on 3 sides, 35 miles to Gunnison, 35 miles to Saguache, good water rights.
  4. 150 CR 117 (Weimer) / Grand/ 1,150a/    $2.9M/             $2,522/ACRE
    • Easy access from Denver, in The heart of Recreational land between Kremmling and Grand Lake, priced well below averages, modest improvements (older) with home and barn, Live water, borders USFS, forest, good hunting…
  5. Woodchuck Mountain / Routt/ 2,204a/    $5.95M/             $2,700/ACRE
    • 23 miles south of Steamboat Springs in the corridor between Vail and Steamboat Springs, but yet far out in prime mountain country, fabulous wildlife habitat, Borders USFS (3 miles of boundary) and Wilderness Area, 1-mile of Morrison Creek through the property, wooded and includes a mountain, good fishing and great Elk hunting, no improvements.
  6. Smith Basin / Routt/ 1,795a/                   $5.2M/            $2,897/ACRE
    • Near Toponas half way between Vail and Steamboat Springs, 1,000 acres wooded, great Elk Hunting, stream and water rights, no improvements, borders USFS, fabulous country at the base of the Flat Tops Mountains in most desirable country in Routt County, unimproved, opportunity to really improve the water resource.

WELL BELOW the all the price/ACRE averages, these Ranches compare more favorably, better than the rest of the group, with regards to having more of the components/features that determine value. That’s why they are better values.

So, there you have it.

The “Best List” of the Best Values in Value Zone 2 for ranches greater than 500 acres, and priced between $2M-$6M. We recognize that the lists we develop are completely relevant, and accurate, BUT, none of these lists are based on YOUR parameters.  We understand that.

SO, let’s build Your own “Best” List,

The one based on Your desires and values.  Whenever you are ready, we are here to help you break down the entire market and deliver Your “Best List”.

We’re on Your Side.

Call us if you have questions about our ratings or our service.

{Michael Landreth, ALC, of Landreth Ranch & Land Co, is a Nationally Recognized expert on Colorado Ranch Properties, who works with Buyers only.}