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  • The entire Colorado Ranch Market is evaluated from a Ranch Buyer perspective;
  • By a Nationally Recognized Colorado Ranch Buyers-Broker in the business for 29 years;
  • Utilizing a proprietary Database and Custom Spreadsheet analytics;
  • Distilling the very Best Values in every market segment into LISTS:
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  • Recreational ranches, hunting ranches, fishing ranches, production ranches…

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The Landreth Ranch & Land Company, website where I regularly explore the Value Myths in the Ranch Real Estate Market and expose the Best Values. As one of the top Ranch Brokers in the nation, and the only one in
Colorado specializing EXCLUSIVELY in Buyers, you’ll see here that I’m uniquely qualified for the job. Part of my Job is to know the market, very well.

Periodically I will present new “BEST” list on this site, each one showing you the absolute best values of specifically defined ranch-market segments.

What a great way to see the entire market, grouped and rated by analytics which compare apples to apples!  There are all kinds of Ranches; Recreational Ranches, Hunting Ranches, Fishing Ranches, Water Ranches, Cow Ranches, Production Ranches.  Many share similar characteristics, and will thus be on several lists at the same time.  A fine Recreational Ranch may have awesome fishing and hunting on it. Certainly it’s a Recreational Ranch; and it’s ALSO a Hunting Ranch, and a Fishing Ranch too, and so, will show in all appropriate lists based on its individual characteristics.

When choosing specific market-segment- groupings for a study, I establish specific property target parameters for a specialized group; I generate segmented groupings of Ranch properties, each containing all the properties in the market which may be similar in: use, type, value range, size or location. As an example: Colorado Recreational Ranches $2M-$6M; Or, Hunting Ranches <$3M, Or, Best in-County or Best in-Region Values for each Area or each category of ranch.

With each new list I choose a different market segment or Best-In- Class selections, from the Colorado Ranch Market, and explode the Value Myth’s and expose the Real Values in that segment or class.  Each list will showcase the BEST VALUES of that property group, and will come with a thorough explanation of why these particular properties register as our “BEST”.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

I work for you, the Buyer. See what I can do for you specifically… My work with individual Clients is special and much more complete, including special insights and finely crafted studies, just for you.

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